‘Hayley Jane is the future of music. She is an amazing writer, singer and bass player and will light the world on fire. I am honoured and grateful to have met and played with her. It’s great to know that the baton has been passed to the correct hands’
— John "JR" Robinson (La session legend 'Most recorded drummer in history')
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Hayley’s professionalism, musicality and attention to detail made her delightful to work with. A lovely personality and an artist who is mature beyond her years
— Haydn Bendall – (British record producer, former Chief Engineer, Abbey Road Studios)
Her timbre is thick, full of warmth, and her tonality shapes are full of joyful support for the music she’s accompanying. She has an organic, provocative, and groove-heavy approach to playing music
— Danny Morris (Bass professor/mentor at Berklee)
Hayley Jane wowed the crowed with not only her superior bass chops, but her vocal prowess as well
— Bryan Beller (The Aristocrats, Steve Vai, Mike Keneally)